BPT "Industrial Athlete" Program


Aggressive, Progressive and Individualized

Patients, employers and payors all win from our daily athletic progression protocol, insuring progression in all aspects of functionality, including flexibility, core stability, entire body strengthening, endurance, balance and coordination. Employers appreciate our fast, effective return to work methods. Workers return to their highest level of functionality and productivity.

We are specially trained to offer work hardening/work conditioning (including job simulation), FCEs, pre-employment screens, and on-site industrial evaluations. We work with many local corporations.

Doctors, employers and case managers trust us; so can YOU.


Discover the BPT Difference

  • We are one of the few area practices owned and operated by licensed physical therapists. That means our only concern is providing high-quality rehabilitation.
  • We don't hire new graduates. We never have and never will. We know that experienced therapists provide higher quality care.  Your employees are in good hands at Brightmore.
  • Our clinical director is on-site and has over 25 years of clinical experience, specializing in work hardening, work conditioning, FCEs, on-site evaluations and pre-employment screenings.
  • Our equipment is state-of-the-art.
  • Case managers praise us for our superior communication, fast reporting, and easy scheduling. Good communication between therapist, case manager, and physician is vital to a good outcome.


Work Well Functional Capacity Evaluation

Our staff has obtained Advanced FCE Certification through Work Well (formerly "Isernhagen Work Systems" ), an FCE that is recognized internationally for its superior results. This kinesio-physiologic FCE is backed by 30 years of clinical research. We use a 13 point consistency checklist comparing functional tasks throughout the evaluation. A second (optional) day of testing adds superior validity.                    

Call 815-436-6900 to schedule an FCE.